Intelligent system that increases the recycling rates and optimises the waste collection.

By the interaction of the human interface of the smart containers with the users and the materials through a patented methodology, the recycling rates are increased up to a 300% and the income is increased as well per sold recycled material. At the same time, by the constant monitoring of the containers fill level, the routes and other related costs are optimised, reducing the fuel
comsumption and the emissions to the atmosphere.

Thanks to the subsequent connection with the reCircula Solutions platform, it is possible to trace the recycling service per person and collection service by the reception of up-to- the-minute alerts when the user logs out or the container fills up.

EG-SAAS is a human interaction software that helps citizens recycle correctly through its implementation in the different containers of SIG waste products. It also includes volumetric measurement through its software to know when the container is full.

Part of the smart collection system of urban waste and pharmaceutical, EG-SAAS is the device of monitoring which, installed in the SIG containers, is in charge of the real time data compilation, turning this way each container into a smart element. The software is capable of interacting with every user in an easy and intelligent way with the goal of increasing the recycling rates, as well as measuring the fill level of the containers, making all this process possible through its innovative algorithm that allows to entirely substitute the current volumetric sensor. Each device can be adjusted remotely through the website enabled for the client.
The data is reported from the sensors, wirelessly(GPRS), to the Cloud of reCircula Solutions. The measures are stored in the platform data repository and the final result is shown to the user through the web service created with that purpose.
The EG-SAAS hardware is being supplied by an enclosed structure giving it fireproof properties that allows for its fitting in any urban waste SIG container. In order to be able to support the demanding environmental conditions where the container is going to be installed, the device has the protection level IP66. Morever, such material allows to set up the colour of the case to blend in in the environment in which is going to deploy.


  • Increasing the recycling rates of the urban waste and pharmaceutical sector from the current 30 per cent up to an 85-90 per cent.
  • Increasing the quality of materials to recycle allowing to apply the circular economy such as “bottle to bottle”.
  • Increasing the income up to a 22 per cent more per recycled materials sold in materials such as aluminium and PET.
  • Increasing the efficiency of the separation plants of containers up to a 50 per cent.
  • Minimum savings of 30 per cent in diesel and carbon footprint for the delivery of 1000kg of PET, bricks and cans from the container to the recycler.
  • Obtention of the specific statistical models about the quantity of generated waste by typology and by the global level.
  • Correction of the recycling rates in real time in case of not fulfilling the established goals with the waste managers and municipalities.
  • The intelligent containers linked to the Recircula platform enable to obtain immediate solutions aimed at avoiding vandalic actions and obtaining results about the quality of service in a map in real time.
  • Prediction and obtention of the consumption models of the citizens according to seasonality, genre, product, among others.


  • Deployment of application for mobile devices.
  • Customizable color of the Cube module’s case.
  • High IP rating.
  • 10 years battery life span.
  • Remote device setup.
  • Repository of data in the Cloud.
  • Back up on a daily and monthy basis.

Software Functionalities

  • Service-oriented Software (SaaS)
  • Control panel and remote set up of devices.
  • Web App developed with the newest technologies.
  • Information on monitoring.
  • Alerts.
  • Reports.
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