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One of the main tasks of the recycling sector and public organizations is to raise awareness, educate and help citizens recycle more and better.

In order to make that possible, many organizations at different levels have been trying to reach citizens through mass media campaigns, such as “Envàs on vas” or the most recent one “Reacciona”, with the intention of making citizens aware that taking care of the environment is a value to reinforce, since we only have limited natural resources at our disposal, which western societies are consuming at an unsustainable rate since the second half of the 20th century.

Some media campaigns appeal to consumer awareness, claiming that ‘there is no time to waste when it comes to recycling’, trying to arouse people’s empathy and reflect on the idea that the world we live in is the one we are leaving for future generations.

Nonetheless, many media campaigns do not work and the recycling rates are not increasing: they are stuck or growing slower than desired. For this reason, reCircula has come up with a system of recycling 2.0 that tries to raise awareness and educate citizens through an incentive and gamification system.

Due to the human interface of the Recysmart modules and the technological solutions, we propose they should be integrated in cities or in Smart Cities, so as to achieve our goal set: recycling rates to be increased up to an 85% more.

Besides educating the citizen and offering a reward in the form of an incentive, we also offer up-to-the-minute data to the administrations or organizations associated with our RecySmart recycling platform, helping the sector to understand the real amount of waste generated and the way citizens are recycling, linking all the agents taking part in the recycling chain.

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