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The geolocalization of the Urban SIG waste containers is a reality, thanks to the integration of the reCircula CUBE modules in the containers of the bidder companies and container manufacturers.

Our hardware is permanently connected to our own platform, reporting with real time data about the filling volume of the containers, as well as other possible incidents.

Having the filling volume data of the containers in real time, as well as their geolocation, allows to optimize the collection routes, sending the truck fleet and activating the logistics of collection when it is strictly necessary. This way, the CO2 emissions released to the atmosphere are reduced significantly.

Another advantage of this process is that the stock of waste that the collection companies need to storage, previous to be transported to the recycler, is quite reduced, due to the fact that the filling data allows us to know the amount of waste measured in metric tonnes which are going to be recycled and sent the necessary amount directly to the recycler without having to go through a previous stockage.

More and more, the use of technological solutions in managing waste has to allow us to introduce the BIG data in order to improve the efficiency of the recycling processes to promote the “Waste Management 2.0”


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