The IOT device for waste managers to close contracts

Innovative sensor using AI for waste identification

Citizens identification

Real time data analytics

Critical filling volume

Our product

Recysmart, the new project from Recircula Solutions that help Smart cities to recycle

Recysmart APP

A User friendly solution for all the citizens to improve their way of recycling and be rewarded for it!

RecySmart is an easy-to-implement waste container device that interacts with citizens, providing feedback on recycling habits thanks to the identification of who recycles and what is being recycled. It is the only solution on the market able to identify multiple waste packaging applying innovative sensors using Edge AI intelligence. This information allows waste managers and city councils to apply the correct reward mechanism in order to increase packaging recycling rates.

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Jordi Berguinzo CEO & Founder
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Sergi Goday CTO & Founder
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